Some phrasal verbs about "Telephone" & "Money"

/ˈfreɪz(ə)l  vəːb/

Bạn có bao giờ gặp bối rối khi gọi điện cho một người nước ngoài hay khi giao dịch trong ngân hàng quốc tế chỉ vì một số cụm từ nghe thật kì lạ hay chưa!? Dưới đây là một số cụm động từ ( Phrasal verbs) phổ biến sẽ giúp ích cho bạn khi nghe điện thoại và giao dịch tiền bạc.

      The Telephone

1) Pick up the phone : nhấc máy

    “She picked up the phone so she could make the call”

2) Call back = Get back to someone : gọi lại

   “If you don’t mind, I’lI get her to call you back later? It’s just that she’s in a meeting at the moment.”

    “Please tell him to get back to me as soon as possible.”

3) Put through : nối liên lạc

    A: Can I speak to Ms Barlow, please?

   B: Yes, certainly. I’ll just put you through.

4) Cut off : ngắt kết nối

    “I got cut off in the middle of the call.”

5) Get through to somebody: liên lạc với ai đó bằng điện thoại

   “I couldn’t get through to them because the line was dead.”

6) Hold on/ Hold the line : giữ máy

   “Please hold on a second. I’ll just go and get him.”

7) Hang up : dập máy

   “She hung up while I was trying to explain the situation to her.”


1) Take out = Withdraw (money) : rút tiền (từ ngân hàng hoặc từ máy rút tiền)

   “We took out some money to pay for the books”

2) Pay in/ into : gửi tiền (vào tài khoản, ngân hàng)

   “Instead of giving me a cheque, they paid the money directly into my bank account.”

3) Cut back : cắt giảm

    “If we don’t cut back on expenses, we’re in danger of going bust.”

4) Pay back : trả tiền nợ

   “I lent her €500 but she never paid me back.”

5) Come to : lên tới

    “The total for all the repair comes to more than €60,000.”

6) Pay off (a mortage, debt) : trả nợ ngân hàng

    “After 30 years , we finally managed to pay off the mortgage.”

7) Save up : tiết kiệm

    “We’re saving up for a new car as our old one has broken down.”

8) Write off : xóa nợ

    “We had a number of bad debts that we had to write off, which was very paintful .”